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We have bought Great Value coffee creamer for years and now it is awful. It tastes like some kind of almond or artificial flavor with no cream at all.

We have 3--2 pound containers and just wasted our money on this terrible product. My husband and I are very disappointed as we have enjoyed this Great Value coffee creamer until now.We have switched to another chain store's coffee creamer. What happened???

Go back to the original taste. 03A11095 020N 2122

Best used by:11/09/16

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Coffee Creamer.

Reason of review: Terrible coffee creamer.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Coffee creamer is just plain gross no matter what the brand. Also, who keeps six pounds of it on hand???

Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States #1319872

All of the comments sound very much like my experience with Stop & Shop brand (Massachusetts) "Coffee Creamer Original". Some months ago I ran out and had to purchase a smaller jar.

It tasted like it was some kind of flavored creamer instead of what I've come to think of as fairly neutral - more like cream without addititives. I had to throw that one out and went back again a couple days later and purchased a large container (35.3 oz). It seemed fine so I thought it was just a packaging mistake. I just ran out again and the back up I had purchased is that weird flavor again!

I compared the two containers and the ingredients and everything else are exactly the same so I suspect they've changed the ratio of either corn syrup solids or coconut in the mix. Most likely it 's the corn syrup solids, as that would add sweetness and this is exactly what I'm experiencing. I decreased the amount of sugar in my tea so the sweetness level is closer to what I'm used to, but the odd flavor is still there, totally masking the flavor of my tea (despite making it strong!).

I'm immediately going to start trying other brands as this is not acceptable to me. Strongly disappointed, as I've been using this product for at least 30 years!!!

Warren, Ohio, United States #1177731

It's the addition of cocoanut in the ingredients, great VALUE and DG both have issues with their suppliers, check for creamers without cocoanut, and you will see that the bad taste is not there.

Warren, Ohio, United States #1177728

I have the same issue, and after checking, I found that they added cocoanut to the ingredients. That's what is giving it the undrinkable nasty taste.


We returned one 60 oz container of great value creamer to walmart, it had a strange smell and taste almost like plastic.

Palm Bay, Florida, United States #1117616

You are not alone! It is GARBAGE now.

I literally through out two containers of it.

Try the Borden brand creamer, same section it's a little creamier than the original GV brand but taste better than the rest IMO.

God bless


I 100% agree, something is different. I even asked my wife if she put something in the coffee. It completely takes any "coffee" flavor out of the coffee and I am using half what I did last week with the last container.


I think they put the wrong creamer in the wrong container I agree it is awfull I will never buy that garbage again they probably mixed some garbage ingredient to save money just like everything else in this greed ridden country make garbage who care the dumb americans will buy anything just like the lies about Obama care

to Anonymous #1138149

I thought it was just me...but now I know for sure...that its not. I switched from the Great Value extra rich creamer..and went to Dollar Store brand extra rich creamer...was ok at first...but I guess they too caught on to Walmarts recipe for aweful tasting is not the same anymore!

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