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id really like to know who wrote the cooking instructions for this product . it said on the side of package add 24 cups of water or 6 liters of water lol .

then cook 8 minutes .

i cooked 2 boxs and only required 8 cups of water and had to drain some . i loved the pasta , just wanted to tell you to get your instructions right lol .

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I'm sure it should read 2-4 cups. Things like that do happen on occasion, I work for Walmart online grocery and sometimes it takes them a while to catch something.

For instance on Sundays we cannot fulfill and order containing alcohol before 10am yet it will not notify the customer to assign them a different time alot, so when they arrive, we have to omit the alcohol. Also our software at times will say a customers order is being picked up or due at 12 AM INSTEAD OF PM LOL

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