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I purchase many " Great Value" products hoping to save money on baking products as I donate baked goods to Az oncology every Friday to patients receiving cancer treatment. I recently realized the baking chips seemed a little light as far as weight goes , so I weighed them , and sure enough they did not weigh the amount that was printed on the Great Value packaging.

I even went back to the store and took a few packages off the shelf and weighed them there , they were all light on weight as well. I just wonder how many bags of chips I've bought that are under weight? As you can see by my photos I use a lot of Great Value products.

I just hope that you will take into concideration that I volunteer baking for cancer patients as my husband is a cancer survivor who donates his time sitting with patients and handing out the baked good I make. He is on disability so every penny counts in our lives and this just makes me wonder how many other Great Value products are not the correct weight either...

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Butterscotch Chips.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've become very frustrated with the way products are going down in weight/size of pkg.s and up in price. (Or the price stays the same) Either way, we're getting less and paying the same prices, ( or more) !

Is this inflation ?? Sad times !!


Just curious -- how did you weigh them in the store?

As the widow of a cancer patient, I find it admirable that you donate baked goods to cancer patients on your limited income.


The same thing happened to me with the weight. They dont weigh what is stated on the label.

I been using GV products for years and just realized this. Also, Walmarts prices keep going up slowly. Just not worth it anymore.

Stopped shopping there altogether . Felt I was being robbed.

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This issue should be brought to the attention of Weights and Measures in your state.

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