Bought a can of family size Great Value chicken noodle soup. Found larvae when attempting to eat. The fine folks at Wal-Mart were contacted but couldn't be burdened with a reply (no inquiry as to lot number, date, etc). I guess you should check your canned goods? I'm not sure they care?

Leeds Walmart, Leeds, AL

I've since filed with the FDA (no response as of yet) and the USDA. Walmart deleted any mention of contaminated food posted on their facebook page. Coincidentally, this did not invoke a response either.

My mother ate a bowl of this soup before I discovered the larvae. I hope no problems arise, but it's disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Soup.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1264953

Was it a thermophile? Since they can only survive at 122°!

Do you even know to what environment thermophile can survive?

Don't cheat and Google it.


There are starving people in china who would love to have that. You want some cheese with that whine.

Hypocriticus randomdouchebagicus should not have a common!
Best regards
to HA HA #871097

....or even a comma ;)


walmart sucks with looking into issues with it products! I called about a cookie that my family loved.

I guess someone told them we can make them cheaper so they went with them the only issue is they are terrible now. I called to let them know (left a message) they did call me back to say they are the same cookie buy them again (I listened) they lied the cookies now sit on the shelf no one buys them before they couldn't keep them on the shelves.

You would think the buyer would realize that no one is buying these cookies and go back to the manufacture that made them good but no they just sit and WALMART throws them out. complain in store and I get we have already passed this information on they do not listen to us at the store level either!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #756069

Dear chipmonk...I see that i have gotten into your head, it happens (yummy).....and the only way to now attack me is to go at my booty...which i no doubt u would do, cause you are *** as a three dollar bill...Sorry. I am straight as an arrow....you'll have to play your banjo for your boyfriend.

Initially you came across as educated...now I doubt all this. Dont worry about my soul ( or sole as your uneducated arz typed)...the devil already has a claim for my past misdeeds in Afghanistan.......how's your poor momma doing with that soup....she not doubt has worms now....what a shame

to LTCC #866708

Here in its natural habitat, we have the wild aholeius, Hypocriticus, Randomdouchebagicus, found in central africa, As you can see, randomly insulting people for no reason, Calling people uneducated but with horrible grammar, and unnececary spamming of periods, it continues to whine at people who whine on a site deticated to whining.


I messed up on that lost comment. I have a confession to make. Mind you, it's not mal-intended or related to what we were previously discussing..

I love you LTCC. From one being to another, I'm wishing to express my doting desire to get into your body (foremost) and then your sole.

I think we should meet in person. We could then sort a scandal in endorsing one of those matchmaking sites, could we nawt?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #756012

Anonymous.....might want to brush up on the grammar before heading out on that the journey...you have to be smarter than your average bear.....or bare.....I hear banjos in your back ground...but I won't judge.....

Hudson, New Hampshire, United States #756010

No dude. I think I won.

I now have to get rich strategies in motion. Plz suggest some moar.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #756005

Busted you out S-C-A-M-M-E-R. My job is done here...on to the next BS'er/Whinner.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #756001



Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755983

Wrong again Chipmonk.....not even remotely associated with wally world (admittedly I do shop there - love it!)....but everyone can smell a scammer (that's you). I just come to this sight to point out BS'ers and Whinners (again you).....Honestly, I think you put the so called debris in the soup for your picture...lookin for a huge settlement or lawsuit.

Wouldn't it be easier to roll out of your trailer house and go to the local McDonalds and spill some coffe in your lap? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C :-)


I'm trying to read into your reply. Trying to discern an ulterior motive. hm....

I think I've got it.

You're either complacent or you've climbed some bureaucratic ladder at Wally World. Figuring you owe them something, you're here to defend them. Either way, your advice is as putrid as this soup (ie not needed).


to monk #756138

Yep... you're immature and trying to screw the store.

You're only wasting your time. Good luck buddy!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755949

dear chipmonk - I think there is more to your story as you have gone on the defensive; one of the reasons you will not go out of your way, because you know this is bunk. Personally - I think you are a scammer....lookin for a free meal....you will not get one.

Why would the guilty party offer a solution (which I assume you to mean $$, again your a scammer) when you have not proven your case.....stop cryin wolf and eat your soup.


If you're bent over for Walmart, that's your issue. I still have the soup, but I won't go so far out of my way as to rush to the store for $3. They are responsible for THEIR branded products. That's why you get the refund bud.

I was hoping for an acknowledgement and solution from the guilty party themselves. Also, I aimed to at least report it to the FDA or USDA.

You like larvae soup, I'd assume?

to monk #756137

You can't tell anything from your pictures... fyi. I doubt it is whatever type of larvae you speak of.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755933

Got to agree with the previous poster....there are plenty of scammers out there lookin for a free lunch...you needed to have returned the soup....as it stands it is a he said, she said situation.


Why in God's name didn't you put the soup with the larvae in a container and take it back with the receipt. I bet they would have either given you a refund or replaced the soup. However, I feel you are blaming WalMart, when they can't help what happens where ever their products are manufactured.

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