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3 Am Saturday Saturday morning 29 Sep 2018 PDT I opened box of chicken broth added it to my veggies and chicken. After I did I felt a thud something inside the box.

Cut the box open noticed what looks like Gut or intestine. Broth smalls ok and seems to taste ok. I am confused why or if this is normal?? The use by date is 2 Jan 2019 other numbers are 01:16:40:3c oo6902 /99c09047 upc code 0 78742 07276 0 332510 above scan code.

I tried a bowl of this it seems ok so far no ill feeling yet it's only been a hour now.

ButI t seems unusual that they would have something in it. I hope it is ok . ... What more can I say this details or writing box wants 100 words minium??

Really??? I am not sure how long I have had it I am guessing s months or less.

Reason of review: uncertain of its packingaging quality..

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