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Great Value to me, really is not my favorite product or products to purchase. I bought a battery-operated device that sprays out air freshener every so certain amount of minutes, and the thing acted like it didn't wsnt operate proper!

Plus I brought some coffee creamer,and everytime it was mixed in our coffee, the appearance of it looked terrible with all that film sitting on top ofe the coifee! Plus the taste was as fake as all get-out!-it tasted like surgar-substitue creamer for diabetics! You all could have done better than that!! Ehy can't you improve on the quality of your products instead of either grossing someone out or having a malfunctioning item, or poor-tasting coffee creamer?

Already the national brands-we hsve seeen it cost more with barely any product to enjoy-which I find is 'highway robbery', but chose this brand, you get a little moer for the money, but you lack in quality! I wobder is this done on purpose?!

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