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Does "Great Value Peppermint Mini Candy Canes" have alchohol used in the flavour?

I really need the answer asap


Your lasagna frozen dinner and/or spagetti

I recently purchased your lasagna frozen dinner and compared it with mine.Yours was better.

excellent i havent had the spagetti dinner as yet . Please do you have a store in michigan that carries this? I looked at wal-mart but didnt see it.

please advise you have coupons for me?


great value ice cream

i just bought a half gallon of great value strawberry ice cream.Why is the color of the ice cream white instead of pink


Bad k cup's

Hi I purchased pumpkin spice kcup from Walmart and they are faulty some work and some say they are defective and the water pressure is bad. How can I correct this problem I am very frustrated that I am wasting have of the kcups.


great value marshmallows

Hi I would like to know about the great value marshmallows gelatine source is it fish source or pork as soon as possible Thank you !


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