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Good morning! I would like to bring an issue to your attention.

A few months back I had obtain a big box of garbage bags like I always do. I have a big family so I always get between the 90 count or 120 count box. So a few months ago I experienced an issue where all of the ties kept popping off the bags with just little garbage inside. I found this box was faulty but thought nothing of it because things in a warehouse do happen.

But this same issue has arose again just a few days ago. Pretty much every other bag the ties are popping with very little garbage in the bag. I'm now finding this very frustrating because as you know your garbage bags aren't cheap BUT they work good when they actually work. I attempted to return the item to Wal-mart where I purchased them.

I was advised there was nothing they could do. I also spoke to a supervisor who advised me I would in fact need to contact the company and she her self says they bags are faulty. So I'm reaching out to you today to advise you that you need to check to see what's going on with the machine at the ware house.

This is unacceptable being a long time customer. And I feel that great value should send me a least 1 box of garbage box to replace all the bags I have gone threw due to bags being improperly made.

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