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I bought a box of crackers with 4 units in it, at a Wal-Mart store and when I got home and opened the package to use the product, I found one of the units were half full. The crackers were white Saltine Crackers.I buy Great Value products all the time.

As well as name brand products.

I visit Wal-Mart a lot of time and very seldom have problems with the products. I understand that mistakes happen and therefore I am just informing the Great Value people of the things that somehow miss the eye of the inspectors, which I am sure that they have.

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Oh the injustice and humanity. How will you get over such a traumatic event.

Maybe after some therapy and medication you'll be just fine.

Or you can go the common sense cheap route and get the h#ll over it. If this is all have to complain about then get a life.

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