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Update by user Dec 25, 2018

The never contacted me at all. If they send me a shipping label I’ll send the burnt sunflower seeds back to them.

I have a bag I didn’t open yet. This one has the same barcode number 78742 29511. Probably from the same batch and just as bad as the bag I opened.

I won’t even put them in the bird feeder. Probably would have sick or dead birds everywhere.Thank you,Joe Piccirilli

Original review posted by user Nov 25, 2018

I have a one pound bag of Great Value Roasted & Salted Jumbo Sunflower Seats and they are discussing. They are dried out from OVER roasting. Taste is *** Doesn't the quality control check your product?

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This company never answered me. Just goes to show you they don't give a damn anout the consumer.

Get your money and see you later. I would like to know the CEO's email address so I can contact him / her direct.

I hope everyone would email value and complain. They give you an address to contact them but nobody reads them.


I bought the frozen turkey & dressing bake. It would be very good if you would put some turkey in there.

Out of the whole casserole I got 3 little pieces. The rest was bread stuffing.

You have a good product but please do t call it turkey dressing bake when you only put couple pieces of turkey in it. Should call it dressing casserole.

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