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I usually serve my coffee creamer from the container by spoonfuls. I’ll unscrew the kid and scoop about two or three spoonfuls of creamer from the container.

On my second spoonful, I noticed something moving around in the creamer powder. I was able to catch it. It turned out to be a weevil. It was much alive, just moving around in the creamer powder.

I know that it didn’t enter the creamer by me taking off the lid. I always use a clean spoon and I’ll immediately screw the lid back on right after I serve myself the creamer.

The weevil was already in there, it hatched from a weevil egg in the creamer. I only had the creamer in my house for about s couple of weeks in a cool environment.

Needless to say, I poured out the coffee in my cup and stopped using the creamer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Coffee Creamer.

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