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I was preparing dinner with the Great Value brand chicken broth on May 18th,2017.While pouring,I heard something knocking around in the container.

I cut the box open and found some sort of tea bag like substance at the bottom with black stuff on the inside.I called customer service and she wants me to mail in the box so that they can investigate what I found inside my chicken broth and only offered $5 gift card for my trouble but what is this ***???

Review about: Great Value Broth.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I just found the same thing in my beef broth. I would post pictures put for some reason it won't allow me.


Why didn't you post photos of this "tea bag object" you supposedly found?

The fact that you weren't happy with $5 makes it clear you're making this up, hoping there will be some payday in it somewhere...

to Anonymous #1372132

No she is not making it up!

I also found a bunch of weird things in walmart food!!!


This totally grosses me out ! I buy this same chicken broth many times throughout the year, and always keep several cartons in stock in my kitchen, for spontaneous meal ideas ! Now I'm thinking I'll need to cut open the container before using it.

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