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On Friday, November 4th, 2011, I stopped at my local Super Wal-Mart in Bellefontaine, OH on my way home from work. I work second shift, so I generally do my grocery shopping during late hours, as I work until 12:30am. This particular shopping experience was VERY dissatisfying to say the least.

I was planning on getting ground beef to make chili, but to my surprise the meat department shelves were nearly empty. There were only six one-pound packages of lean ground beef, nothing else. I never buy the lean, as it is a dollar more per pound than the regular. Nevertheless, I was astonished that a large chain such as Wal-Mart had completely cleared out their shelves that are usually stocked completely full.

I continued shopping, even though I was displeased. As I walked down the isle I noticed there was no fresh pork on the shelves as well. The same goes for the lunch meat department, and even the bread aisle. There was maybe 5 loaves of Great Value wheat bread, but what I usually purchase is the cheaper white bread, and what I found was shelf after shelf where the bread usually is completely empty.

Feeling very discouraged I found a couple of workers standing in the freezer section talking and politely waited for them to notice me. When I addressed my concern to their empty shelves, I expected them to say it was simply not stocked yet, and I was prepared to wait on them to get me what I came to buy. This did not happen. They told me that they were totally out of all of it, and would not have more until the truck came in the next day. I asked them why they were so low, to which one replied "This happens the first week of every month when all the welfare checks come in." I asked them why the store does not order more if it happens every month at the same time, and the other replied without skipping a beat "Don't know, guess you need to get here earlier." This upset me tremendously, as I work hard for my money, long hours, and as a loyal customer to the only 24 hour store in our town, I expected a more concerned reply instead of the rude and unfair one I was given.

I quickly proceeded to the register to but the few items the store did have in stock that I had already placed in my cart, where the woman at the cash register was no more resourceful. I explained to her my issue and asked why the store did not order more if it is like this every month and her reply was simple and just as rude: "Welcome to retail" was all she had to say. I asked if there was a manager on staff and she told me yes, but that the manager was going to tell me the same thing. I promptly left the store before making a scene and telling the workers what I thought about their service and poor planning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Bread.

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Lol.. Keep in mind that each store has regulations on how much perishable goods they can have at any given time and storage procedures before they come out on the shelves.everything has a procedure Especially raw

meat!!! X amount of cold meat storage equals X amount of raw meat on hand. Can't stock up raw meat just to satisfy the late customers, unless you want the meat that's never been in the cold storage since delivery.

Get there in time, if you cant then adjust your budget to buy the lean stuff. lean beef is very healthy

:grin :grin :grin :grin :p :p :p :p

I'll agree that the employees should have seemed a little more concerned with your issues of lack of products on the shelves, but I do think it should be pointed out that the employees really don't have the answers either. They aren't the ones who place the orders for the trucks; they're simply the ones hired to put the merchandise on the shelves and/or ring the purchases up when the customer wants to buy them.

Honestly, if you wanted some sort of legitimate answer, you should have asked the manager to start with. I'm not saying (s)he would have been able to help either but there is a better chance someone in a position of authority in the store would know more than the hourly-paid employees.


This is WalMart's customer service. It does absolutely no good to complain as "Corporate" controls everything, based on computer models---which are usually inadequate, lacking any common sense, or just plain erroneous.

WalMart is simply too big. Personally, I would shop elsewhere, and I do so all the time.

It is a rare occasion I go to WalMart. If you like service like this with no avenue of complaint, wait till ObamaCare kicks in---you will love it---if you are allowed to live, that is.

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