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I don`t usually buy no name or budget brands for this very reason.The maple flavor overwhelmed the taste of the sausage wherby I could not even taste any sausage at all.

The spicy version was also not to my expectations.way too hot for breakfast sausage.

I also want to note that all Walmart employees act profesionally and courteously at all times.

Sometimes some products are not where they were the last time so it takes a few minute to find it.

The Great Value chicken patties had a bad oily taste as well.

All in all,I am satisfied with Wal Mart

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i bought the cheddar cheese potato chips and they was so cheese i couldnt taste the plain potato chip, all i tasted was cheese. I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!


"I think the watcher might be a woman"

That does not mean that she does not have balls and a hairy chest.


I think the watcher might be a woman.


Well don't get the spicy sausages then. Some people like spicy sausages for breakfast, get mild if you cannot handle them for breakfast. They don't have to take them off the shelves for people who like spicy foods just because you are not man enough and or don't have the balls to eat spicy sausages for breakfast.


I'm a depressed child?? yet you're the one that cries over sausage that's too hot lol it's also pretty childish to have a comeback as childish as "it sounds like you just described yourself" you might as well be saying "I know you are but what am I?" lol how childish, not to mention insane because NOW you think the definition of depression is "a person telling someone else how dumb they are" if you wanted to call me annoying or a loser because that's how you feel about me yelling back at you.

but disturbed, lonely, low self esteem and depressed? those are some words that are a little too big for you buddy. what are you going to call me next? excited?

friendly? disgusting? jealous?

extravagant? or some other words that don't apply?

oh and what happened to me being booted off of this site?


Hey Ihate!sounds like you were describing yourself in that rant.

Nothing you say has any validity.

Sorry you are so depressed.Go back to your child *** websites and leave us normal people alone.

No responce is nessesary because I wont come back to this site.ergo,I won`t see it. :(


okay anonymous, I'll sign up for your English classes tomorrow.

as for The Watcher, oooo I'm so scared of you. and so..

let me get this straight. I say something about your review being dumb because you think you not liking a certain food is a valid complaint against a company, so that makes me disturbed, lonely, and have poor self esteem? well.. alright then, I'm not sure when the definitions of those words were changed but thank you for informing me that the definitions of disturbed, lonely and self esteem are now "a person who comments on a post about food from Walmart" so I'm just going to make up random *** like you and say that you're a child rapist, a serial killer and a thief because of how dumb your review is.

it might not make sense but since everyone else can use random words that don't apply, I might as well do it too.

but good luck with the whole administrator thing, it's not like I can just make a new account or anything if I had to. but the administrators don't care. they rarely boot anyone off of this site, let alone delete comments. look at MrsLea01 for example, by the end of the year she'll have a crazy complaint for every store in the country.

if anything, I think the administrators sit back and laugh at her and creepy people like mr. anonymous. I get enjoyment out of this site by bashing on morons like you and even though they're dumb, MrsLea01's complaints make me laugh with how ridiculous they are. if anyone were to actually get mad on this site, they'd have to be someone with little to no enjoyment in life.

take mr. anonymous for example. even though I hate the loser, his comments make me laugh with how ridiculous he gets.

am I really thinking that he's a stalker and a child rapist? no but it's just called trolling and he does the same thing.


:grin Thank you Anonymous!

This person (ihatesc)is disturbed and lonely.And also has poor self esteem.I reported him/her to administration.Everything he/she writes here will be scrutinized from now on and may result in getting booted off this site(hopefully)and by the way,that sausage was much better the next time I bought it.


Don't know about that, but you sorely need English lessons. :eek :eek


you really are obsessed with trying to get us common sense people some help. but truth is, people like you and MrsLea need help.


No, ..Hate..., I really want you to get help.

Shock treatments may help your condition a great deal.

I'm really sorry you are suffering so badly.

I know professionals can help. Give help a chance!


well anonymous a$$hole stalker from Mississippi, this isn't a food review site. how can a consumer be pissed at a store just because they didn't like something?

I'm sure some people like that sausage.

actually, I'm sure you love sausage since you're aiming to get the sausage of the original poster. you think he's refreshing, not the "review"

and I'm not sure what to say to the watcher other than learn what this site is used for and watch your back because anonymous wants you.


I said it was too hot for breakfast sausage not that it was too hot for ME. My god there are a few *** people on this site.


In this site "consumer" usually means. "I am right you are wrong, give me my way or I will throw a temper tantrum."

You are complaining that you got something spicy and it was too spicy for you. :cry :cry :grin :? :? :? :? :? :?


:? GET A LIFE ihateSC...

learn what the word consumer means.


I don't get it. You go from complaint to compliment back to a complaint and then to another compliment. I give the OP credit for not threatening to have the Wal-Mart Home Office janitor fire the store manager - but I'm not sure whether the OP hates Wal-Mart's products or likes Wal-Mart's service.


I thank you for your informative comments. Please ignore IHateStupidCustomers.

This site is indeed for posting satisfactory comments about stores with which you deal.

Your taste buds do apply in food reviews as well your evaluations regarding your shopping reviwes for other department store items, since Wal-Mart is a department/food/pharmacy/auto store.

Your review is refreshing.


I'm glad that this complaint is less insane compared to others. but just to let you know, this isn't a site for food reviews. your taste buds don't apply when posting a complaint.

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