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I purchased a bag of great value trail mix. my husband was eating when his teeth broke off!

He spit out the food and was surprized to find sugar coated rocks! we returned to walmart with the complaint to file a report after waiting 3 hours on an assistant manager to take our report-pictures-rocks we had to wait on a corporate case number. which took 1 week. walmart then had no record of problem.

we recieved letters from walmart stating the great value was not resopnsible, it was production. then we recieved letters stating production was not responsible the mix comes from several different places. The final letter we recieved was placing the blame on the farmer in south america harvesting rocks with peanuts. our dentist bills should be submitted there.

we paid for a root cannnal and other work totaling over $1000. to ease the pain of the three cracked teeth. but the dentist would not work with a lawsit. it has been a year now and the lawyer has dropped the case.

stating it was not worth the cost to persue. maybe we could find another representative- walmart did a good job of passing the buck to the farmer. and my husband still has broken teeth which now need replaced and cannot be fixed.

Thanks to walmart. but no thanks -- i will never shop there again-- no matter how convient--

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Good try troll. Personally I liked the Target one better

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