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Walmart across Concord Mills, Concord, NC 28269 12/03/14

Finding expired Great Value Yogurt. Brought to the attention of manager on 11/23/14,. pictures taken and shown to employees. Checked on next weekend and noticed they haven't solved the problem and still have expired items for sale. Again was brought to the attention of cashier and Manager Assistant since manager wasn't present at the store on 11/30/14.

I was at the store again on 12/03/14 and noticed once again the walmart still have those items for sale in plain site.

Walmart at:

5825 Thunder Road

Concord, NC


(704) 979-2540

Please feel free to contact them about the problem.

Reason of review: Selling expired food.

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Overland Park, Kansas, United States #911542

I've had the same problem

I went to Walmart in olathe Kansas on the 3rd of October and in the milk racks had milk that was all rotten and curdled and i check the expire date and it stated "Best Before September 04, 2014"

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #910940

why don't you also bring this to walmarts attention via their customer service ? i'm sure they'd love to know about it.

I work retail and I can tell you if/when these things happen it can slip by, but it seems like this particular store isn't actually fixing it. I know when my store receives a call from customer care it's taken very seriously, even if the answer is obvious to everyone it's taken seriously.

I would definitely contact Wal-Mart and find out their customer care/support or whatever they call it's #.

if they do nothing i'd contact your local tv station. many have investigative teams that love stories like this to find out why it isn't being fixed when it's brought to their attention and their continuing sale of expired products.

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