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Wal-Mart has their Great Value brand food in the Trimph Grocery Gluten Free book. What a nice surpise until we went out and bought "Great Value" gluten free items.

I prepared the scalloped potatoes and my husband started getting sick before he was done. I read the box and it said gluten free but may contain wheat ?????? Gluten free food can NEVER contain wheat. My husband is 79 yrs.

old and it took 3 days for my him to get over the symptoms of eating something with gluten in it. Good thing he didn't eat very much because you can die from eating gluten ! How can they advertise and item, put gluten free on the box and then say there may be gluten in it.

I looked at other items they advertise as gluten free but they have ingredients that is on my ingredient list as having gluten. It's my fault that I didn't read the lable BUT at the same time, I believed in Wal-Mart and their advertising !

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Walmart sells Mac and Cheese, which is labeled as Gluten Free, but also contains the warning beneath the ingredients that it is processed with machinery that may also be used with to process wheat products. This is deceptive practices.

No product deserves to be labeled with the designation of Gluten Free unless this is absolutely a fact. Consumers rely on proper labeling and so indicating it is one thing on the front of the packaging and then on the back of the packaging starting that, we may be wrong about what we said on the front. It should also include the statement that we mislead you to sell more products at your expense.

I stopped buying any groceries at Walmart. You should, too.


Gluten free does not mean wheat free. Gluten is part of wheat, this can actually be removed. I have a wheat allergy and eventhough I buy many GF foods I still have to check labels as it still may contain wheat.


You have Walmart if they sold a product that was labeled GF when it also stated may contain wheat.

But any Celiac who comsumed food that stated "may contain wheat" got what they deserved. Sorry.

I believe a food has to contain no more then 10 parts per 1,000,000 of gluten to be certified GF.

Look For The GF Label

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I just found out my wife poisioned me so we can sue.


Are you kidding? That is ridiculous!

Gluten-free items with gluten!

I do believe that you are on steady grounds to sue wal-mart, with good cause. (Unlike some people who will trip, and sue walmart because they got their socks there.) Seriously though, that is completely ridiculous.

(I think, if they keep the percentage under like .05% or something, they can call it gluten-free.)

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